Sample Request: Lecturers With Basepay Greater Than SSI Max

This report request can be used to identity your active lecturers (class 2358 or 2359) whose base pay is greater than the current SSI maximum. The report requires a join between the Active Current Status (AC) file and the Pay Scales (PS) files.   Only a portion of the actual report is shown below.  The complete report request is available in the CIRS common library as FOC6002.


social       employee name   psn  cls   rng  ac:basepay      ps:ssi

------       -------------   ---  ---   ---  ----------      ------

123-45-6789  penguin, amy    01   2358  5     $6,868.00   $6,589.00

234-56-7890  monkey, maya    04   2358  1     $3,976.00   $2,888.00

345-67-8901  ardvark, paul   05   2358  5     $7,245.00   $6,589.00

456-78-9012  walrus, jan     02   2358  2     $3,925.00   $3,763.00

567-89-1234  Reindeer, bob   03   2359  3     $5,532.00   $5,460.00


A join must be executed in order to retrieve the employee's base pay from the AC file and the SSI maximum from the PS file.  Note that you must use the AC/PS join that retrieves data from the PS file at the class and range level.  After the join is executed, any field from either file can be used but must have the appropriate file prefix.  When a join is used, the TABLE FILE command must reference the host file, which is always the first file listed in the join name.  The WHERE command is used to compare field to field values.


EX Jacps

table file ac

print ac:class ac:range ac:basepay ps:ssi

by ac:ssa

by ac:wname

by ac:psnseq

where ac:basepay gt ps:ssi

where ac:class eq '2358' or '2359'



See also:  Using Joins and Joining To The Pay Scales File