Compendium Report: A34

This compendium report provides all transactions keyed to the employment history (PIMS) database.  The report, A34, is a daily report in a downloadable format and includes Personnel/Payroll Transactions, Student Payroll Action Requests (SPAR), Employee Action Requests (EAR) and Retirement System Transactions (RST).  This report contains transactions that were previously unavailable in CIRS and could be used to verify daily keying.   


The following sample displays only the first 12 columns of the file.  The complete file has 79 columns. For a list of all available fields, refer to the common library member DESCA34.   


cmpcd ssa         lastnm   frstnm brthdt   pseq doct effdt    entdt    keyby tran suf

00    123-45-6789 penguin  amy    12111969 01   4009 03272006 05262006 xxsue a52     

00    234-56-7890 monkey   maya   08121960 03   3001 04182006 05262006 xxpam S70     

00    345-67-8901 ardvark  paul   02131947 02   4012 03182006 05262006 xxsue 405  c  

00    345-67-8901 ardvark  paul   02131947 02   4011 03042006 05262006 xxsue 405  C  

00    567-89-1234 Racoon   bob    05181972 01   0015 05262006 05262006 xxKay e04     


Due to the various transaction types in this report, many field values will contain zeros or spaces. Only those data elements relevant to the particular transaction will contain data.


The report can be accessed from the main compendium screen by using the F8 key to scroll down to the report code in the list, or by pressing the F1 key and typing the code. Each daily cycle (Monday - Saturday) is retained for one week. The naming conventions for the daily cycles are as follows: 6601 = Monday, 6602 = Tuesday, 6603 = Wednesday, etc.  


Note:  Transactions processed per a State Controller's Office mass update will be captured in a separate file with a cycle date of 9999, with a one week retention period.   


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