Data Element: All Campuses

The field, XX;CAMPALL indicates past or present employment by campus.  In the employment history files (TR, STR, A54), it can contain from 1 to 16 alpha campus codes.  In the payment files (PH, PHS), it can contain from 1-8 values. The alpha coding values are the same as those for the field PH:CAMPX.   


In the employment history files, this field can be used to identify each campus where an employee is, or has been, employed.  This can be useful to when an employee has separated from your campus, and you need to identify whether the employee is still active in the CSU system.


In the payment files, this field can be used to identify payments issued by other campuses to your employees.  Be aware that the values retrieved are dependent upon the time-frame selected.  For example, if you select the PH-prior business month file, you will only receive payments issued to your employee, regardless of the issuing campus, if the employee received a payment within that business month.