Sample Request: Anniversary Date

The sample request below can be used to identify employees who have an anniversary date in the current month.  The report lists employees alphabetically by lastname and contains one row for each active position an employee holds. This is a very simple report that can be used by anyone with basic ad hoc writing skills.  The complete report request is available in the CIRS common library as FOC5013.


  employees with an anniversary date in the current month

                   data as of  11/23/2005


employee           ssa           position          anni date

--------           ---------     ---------         ---------

baboon, kathy      234-56-7890   000-079-1035-001  122005

duck, laurie       123-45-6789   000-270-1032-001  122005

frog, michael      789-01-2345   000-753-0440-009  122005


common request:  foc5013

executed: 11/30/2005



The Active Current Status file is used for this request because it contains a snapshot of active and onleave positions for your faculty, staff and management employees as of the prior Friday. Since the AC file does not contain students, special consultants or separated employees, the only screening statements required is for the desired timeframe.  Note:  Anniversary date (AN:ANNIDATE) is not a 'smart' date so it cannot be typed with a slash (e.g., 12/2005).     




heading center

"employees with an anniversary date in the current month"

"data as of <ac:dao"

print ac:posit16 as 'position'

BY AC:WNAME      as 'employee'

BY AC:ssa        as 'ssa'

if ac:annidate eq 122005


"common request: foc5013"

"executed: &date"



If you have any questions about the report, refer to your FOCUS documentation or call the CIRS Hotline.