Salary Fields Comparison

Did you know there are 6 different data elements in CIRS that provide salary information?  Unless you're very familiar with personnel and payroll data, determining which field to use in reports can be confusing.  You should begin by identifying which type of data you need - employment or payroll data.  Remember that the employment data files have information on what an employee is scheduled to be paid and the payment data files have information on what was actually paid to an employee.

Employment Data  

The sample transaction records below show the various employee salary fields available in the employment data files. The fields containing data will vary based on the employee's salary record type.  Unless otherwise specified, all fields are in the Active Current Status (AC), Annual Current Status (AN), Employment History Extract (EH), Separated Current Status (SP) and Transaction Data (TR) files.  


                  effective         assigned  red                           salary

name        tran  date        cbid  salary    circle   base pay  timebase   total

----        ----  ---------   ----  --------  -------  --------  --------   ------     

bear, ann   SCR   06/08/2005  M80    5564.00    54.00   5618.00  FT        5618.00

camel, bob  a52   07/01/2005  r09    3332.00      .00   3332.00  int         19.22   

Dog, Jeff   A56   08/19/2004  R03    6645.00      .00   6645.00  001002    3322.50

Frog, aRI   430   08/01/2005  R08        .00      .00   5020.00  FT        5020.00  

Hippo, LEX  a52   07/01/2005  E99      12.50      .00     12.50  INT         12.50


  • Assigned Salary (XX:ASSNSAL)
    The salary rate for an employee in classifications without salary steps within the salary range.  This field is not available in the TR file.


  • Red Circle Rate (XX:REDCIRC)
    The amount of an employee's salary rate that is over the salary range maximum of a given classification or skill level.   This field is also known as 'Plus Salary'.


  • Base Pay (XX:BASEPAY)
    The established salary rate for a class, range and salary step that a full-time employee is scheduled to receive.  In CIRS, this amount includes the Red Circle Rate to ensure correct data is reported for employees whose salary is over the maximum or 'off-step'.  


  • Salary Total (XX:SALARY)
    This reflects the employee's salary for the position based on the employee's class code, time base, range code, salary step or assigned salary rate, and whether the rate of pay is per month, hour or day. This field is also available in the Student Assistant (ST) file.   

Payment Data

The sample regular payment records below show the salary fields available in the payment files: Payment History Data (PH), Payment History Extract (PY) and the Payment History Summary (PHS).  


           pay   pay              salary               salary

name       type  period   cbid    full       timebase  rate

----       ----  ------   ----    -------    --------  -------    

bear, a    0     2005/08  M80     5618.00    000000    5618.00

camel, b   0     2005/07  R09     3332.00    000000      19.22

dog, j     0     2005/08  r03     6645.00    001002    3322.50  

from, a    0     2005/08  r08     5020.00    000000    5020.00

hippo, l   0     2005/08  E99       12.50    000000      12.50


  • Salary Full (XX:SALFULL)

The amount of money in dollars and cents that is paid by Salary Per. It includes Base Pay plus any Red Circle Rate amount. Note: For fractional employees, this is the amount an employee would receive if working full-time. For employees with an hourly rate based on a monthly salary rate, this is the total hourly rate.


  • Salary Rate (XX:SALRATE)
    The rate at which an employee is paid for a specified amount of time or units. The rate may be per month, hour or day.  For an employee's regular pay, this is the equivalent of Salary Total in the employment data files.