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Why the CSU Matters

​​The California State University is the nation’s largest and most ​​affordable public four-year university system and one of the most diverse.

​​Directly or indirectly, every Californian is touched by the CSU.

The Impact of the ​CSU

  • ​​We​ are the largest and most diverse public university system in the U.S., welcoming and serving students of all racial, ethnic, financial and academic backgrounds.
  • We produce nearly half of California's bachelor's degrees – one out of every 10 California employees holds a CSU degree 
  • We have a global alumni network more than 4 million strong, including leaders in every field and industry.
  • We deliver for California – for every dollar the state invests in the CSU, the university returns almost seven dollars in economic output.
  • We are among the most affordable university systems in the nation, with more than half of our students graduating with zero loan debt.​
  • The Value of a CSU Education
  • The Value of a CSU Education

    It's important for students, parents, policymakers, taxpayers and the public to understand what they receive for their investment.

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  • Graduation Iniative 2025
  • Graduation Initiative 2025

    A high-quality bachelor's degree is possible for every Californian willing and able to earn it.

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  • Best of the Best Rankings
  • "Best of the Best" Rankings

    The CSU campuses consistently rank highly in academic excellence, value, sustainability and opportunity.

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