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Commitment to Sustainability

See how each of the 23 campuses of the California State University is working toward a more sustainable future.

Progress Toward Sustainability Goals

The system continues to work toward achieving the nine goals set out in the CSU Sustainability Policy:

​Greenhouse Gas Emissions


The CSU has already met and exceeded its 2020 goal for reducing greenhouse gas*.​​

​​Ener​​gy Efficiency

Systemwide energy use continues to decrease. The CSU has installed ​$128 million in energy efficiency projects since 2005*.​

Water Conservation


The CSU has already met the 2016 water conservation goal of reducing use by 10% and is on track to meet the 2020 goal of 20%*.​​


*Updated Summer 2022, COVID-19 response may have impacted data accuracy and completeness.​

For more information on systemwide achievements, goals, and strategies for sustainable campus operations,
please visit our Capital Planning, Design, and Construction website.