Sample Request: Total Gross Pay and State Share Amounts

The common library member:  TOTALPAY uses the Payment History (PH) file to generate a printed report of total wages and benefit amounts, by pay period, for a single employee.  The report uses a match between the payment and deduction segments of the PH file to get all payments without deductions.   


To use this report, you must first copy the request into your library and then modify the report by completing the screening statements for employee (PH:SSA) , pay period (PH:PAYPERIOD) and campus code (PH:CAMPX).  Note:  The screening statements appear in two places in the report request.

If desired, the report can be easily modified for other purposes.  


  • To get total wage and benefit data for all your employees, delete the screening statements for an individual employee (i.e., IF PH:SSA EQ __).  

  • To see the detail of the state share amounts, delete the defined field (TOTAL_BEN) from the portion of the request that generates the final report and print the individual fields (i.e., PRINT HEALTH DENTAL VISION  etc.).  


For more information on the MATCH command, refer to your FOCUS documentation or the Advanced Reporting Agenda & Modules.