MPP Job Code

The MPP Job Code Online System (JCOS) allows campuses to customize the full and abbreviated job code title to accurately describe the duties of the individual(s) in that job code. The customized titles can then be used for ad hoc reporting within CIRS. These customized titles are used by HR-ISA for compendium reports where individual campus titles are needed. Systemwide entries for each job code are maintained by Systemwide Human Resources at the Chancellor’s Office to provide a systemwide reporting structure.


For complete information on the Management Personnel Program (MPP), refer to the MPP Job Reporting System Administrative Guide, on the Systemwide Human Resources website.


Changes made to the information on the JCOS do not immediately change the production MPP Job Code (JC) file used for ad hoc reporting. Instead the changes are made to a copy of the production file that will be referred to in this document as the Campus Job Code Table. This table contains only those entries from the production file that pertain to your campus. HR-ISA will initiate a nightly process that will incorporate all of the changes made by the campus during that day's processing onto the production MPP Job Code file. This means that all changes made are available the following day in CIRS for ad hoc reporting.


Systemwide Human Resources, is responsible for adding new job codes. Changes initiated by Systemwide Human Resources will be reflected on the Campus Job Code Table the following day. If Systemwide Human Resources deletes any job codes, all campus records for that job code will be deleted also.


To access the JCOS, type a 3 at the Online Applications menu and press enter.


|-------- Online Applications -----------|

|                                        |

3  1. IPEDS                            |

|    2. SENIORITY POINTS                 |

|    3. MPP JOB CODE TABLE               |



The JCOS main menu is illustrated below.  Type your selection and press the enter key.  To exit the JCOS main menu, press the F3 key.  


                   THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY                    

                 CAMPUS INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM                  

                     MPP JOB CODE ONLINE SYSTEM                       


- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - -   

                       SELECT OPTION:                                 


                   U - UPDATE/DELETE JOB CODES                        

                   A - ADD JOB CODES                                  


                      F3 - EXIT APPLICATION                           

Last Updated: April 11, 2024