Data Element: Summarized Employee

Employees in the Payment History (PH) or Payment History Summary (PHS) file with excessive retroactivity may exceed the maximum record length allowed by the system.  When this occurs, their multiple payment records are summarized into a single payment. The summarized record preserves the grand total information, while losing some detail information such as pay period.  


Employees with summarized records can be identified by the data element, Summarized Employee (XX:SUMEMP).  For those employees, this field will contain an asterisk (*).  The sample report request below can be used to identify employees with summarized records in the PH file:  


EX ph



IF ph:sumemp EQ *



In rare instances, this field may contain an alpha character indicating a campus at which the employee is or has been employed.  For those employees, it is necessary to use the field XX:SUMREC to determine if any of the payments are summarized.  For more information refer to Summarized Record Criteria in the CIRS Data Element Dictionary.