The ALL Prefix

When you write a report request from a database that has missing segment instances, the missing instances affect the way data is retrieved. For example, if your request uses the Payment Data or Payment Extract file and specifies fields in a segment and its descendents, the report omits parent (payment) segment instances which have no descendents (deductions). This occurs regardless of whether the fields are display (verb) fields or sort fields.


The ALL. prefix can be used to include the parent instances by attaching the ALL. prefix to one of the fields in the parent segment. An example of this technique is found in the common library program: PAYSUMRY.


Note: If your report request has screening statements that reference fields in missing instances, the report will omit those parent instances even if you use the ALL. prefix. If your request requires screening statements, MATCH the payment and deduction segments.


For more information on the ALL. prefix or the MATCH command, refer to your FOCUS documentation.