Checking Status Messages

When you submit a batch or extract job, checking your job's status is a vital step in the ad hoc reporting process.  That's because status messages provide information about the progress of your job (waiting, running or completed) as well as the completion status (successful, failed, etc.).


The steps for tracking a job's progress and confirming a successful completion are:


  1. Submit your batch or extract job and note the job number.

  2. Return to the main ad hoc reporting menu.

  3. Check your job's status message by pressing the F1 key.

    • If the message indicates the job is waiting or running, check status again after a few minutes.  

    • Do not attempt to access your batch or extract file while your job is running.

  4. Proceed (print, download, etc.) after confirming a successful completion.  


If you receive a message that indicates your job failed, or completed with an unknown status, contact the CIRS Hotline for assistance.    


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