Payment History Summary (PHS) File

The Payment History Summary (PHS) file was implemented in March 1998 per user requests.  Special thanks to those campuses and users that provided input on the development of this file!  Some of the benefits of using this summary file are as follows:


  • Allows multiple calendar, tax, and fiscal years to be reported utilizing one file and one Batch FOCEXEC run

  • Avoids the need for match logic and extra defines


The file contains payments issued in the last 5 prior fiscal years plus the current fiscal year through the close of the prior business month.  It does not contain deduction data.  It is updated monthly after the conclusion of the business month, just like the current fiscal year payment history file.  


In order to include as many years of history as possible, the file does not contain all of the fields currently found in the other payment history files.  For complete information about this file, refer to the Data Element Dictionary.