IPEDS Required an Optional Matrix

The required and optional matrix illustrates the fields that are needed for the different actions within the IPEDS.  The fields:  Primary Position through Employment Date occur from one to five times allowing for five positions to be recorded.  At least one position is required for an ADD action.



D = Display field only

R = Entry is required

O = Entry is optional

N/A = Not applicable



Field​Add ActionChange ActionDelete Action
Campus CodeDDD
Date Record Last ChangedDDD
Social Security NumberRDD
Name, WholeRDD
Ethnic OriginROD
Exec w/AcadROD
Primary PositionROD
Annual SalaryROD
Reporting UnitROD
Class CodeROD
Serial NumberROD
Range CodeROD
Affirmative Action CodeROD
Duration of AppointmentROD
Probationary Period Code*ROD
Time BaseROD
Effective DateROD
Employment DateROD
Override Line NumberN/AOD
Override Column NumberN/AOD
Line NumberRN/AN/A
Column NumberRN/AN/A​

* Probationary code of space is considered a valid entry.

Last Updated: April 11, 2024