Transferring Your CIRS Library

If your CIRS access is being deleted, and you developed some good reports, they can be transferred to another user at your campus, or even to another campus if you are taking a position elsewhere in the CSU system.    


Before requesting the transfer, follow these steps:

  • Go through your existing members and delete any that are obsolete or unneeded. To help with this process, you can print a list of all your library members by using the search function and leaving the search string blank.  For more information, refer to the topic:  Search Function.

  • For the remaining members, add comments that indicate the purpose of the report and include any special instructions.  A template containing standard comments can be copied from the common library member:  AAUSER.   

  • If transferring your library to another person, check to see if they have any members with the same name.  If so, they will need to be renamed.   Otherwise, they will be overlaid when copied.


To request a transfer of your library, call the CIRS Hotline 916-323-5694 or send an email to [email protected].