Downloading Data - Overview

Downloading is the process of moving data from CIRS (the mainframe) to your desktop computer.  There are a variety of files that can be downloaded in CIRS:  compendium reports, extract files, hold files, your batch report file, and the pay scales production file.  


This article provides an overview of the steps required to download a hold file.  For information on downloading other types of files, refer to the CIRS User Manual.  For assistance using your file transfer software, or Excel, refer to the software documentation or contact your campus IT support.  

Step 1:  Write The Report Request

Begin by writing a report request for the data needed.  Determine the file(s) needed and include commands that direct the results to a hold file with a format.  Do not include formatting commands in the report request.  

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Step 2:  Execute The Request To Populate Your Batch or Hold File

Next, execute the report request in either the online or batch environment to place data in your hold file.  When successfully completed, browse the file to verify the results.   

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Step 3:  Download The Batch or Hold File

After browsing the file to confirm the results, download the file. Once the data resides on your desktop computer, it can be utilized in a variety of ways.  For example, if you specified a Lotus or TABT format, you use Microsoft Excel to manipulate the data by creating formulas, or you could use Microsoft Access to generate reports.  You might also use the data in Microsoft Word for a mail merge.   


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