Common Library

The common library is where all users and HR-ISA can share FOCUS procedures.  Members in the common library can be used 'as is' or copied to your library and modified.  Be aware that changes made to a report request by its owner could impact your use of that procedure.  To avoid this, we recommend copying the needed report request to your own library.  All of the maintenance commands and navigation options available for your personal library are also available for the common library.  ​

To access the common library, press the F6 key from the personal library screen.  For more information, refer to the topic: Swap Library.


                       _____CIRS COMMON LIBRARY      ______           

Cmds     B Browse  C Copy     D Delete        E Edit    Row 1 of 417

         P Print   R Rename   S Submit Batch  O Online Execution

Cmd  Name     Description                                  Changed  



 _  AANWHIR3  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION NEWHIRES                2015/07/29

 _  AAPGRP    NO DESCRIPTION FOUND.                      2019/03/15


The procedures for the common library are as follows:  

    • Never edit a report request in the common library unless you are the owner. To prevent accidentally changing a report request, use the browse command when viewing report requests in the common library.   
    • Never place confidential information (e.g, SSN's) in the common library.  
    • All report requests in the common library must contain a comment line with the text 'OWNER USERID:' followed by a space and your userid. The owner's comment line should go on the second line after the report request description.  Any reports without an owner will be deleted on the first calendar day of each month.
    • As a courtesy to others using the common library, report requests should contain statements that identify the purpose of the request, the files used and any special instructions needed.  Refer to AAUSER in the common library for suggested comment lines.  
    • Report requests placed in the common library on a permanent basis must be listed in the index named AAINDEX.  
    • Any report request not listed in AAINDEX will be deleted on a monthly basis on the first calendar day of each month.    


Last Updated: February 16, 2024