Transaction S46 - Assign To Inactive Payroll Status (Roll Code 9)

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Generally used for continuing 10/10 pay plan employees moving to inactive pay status for two months during the year, or when a permanent or probationary academic year (AY), 10/12 or 11/12 pay plan employee moves to nonpay status under certain conditions (without a separation) during the appointment year. May also be used for "zero" pay period(s) following a one term leave without pay or other personnel action, such as placing an employee in nonpay status pending a legal decision or under limited conditions, to verify pay entitlement.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



715 - Service Pay Period



606 - Time to be Paid (New Position)



607 - Time to be Paid (Old Position)



640 - Last Day Physically Worked



645 - Payroll Return Date



719 - Detail Transaction Code



General Information

  1. Transaction S46 stops all payroll activity, including the deductions for benefits coverage. Although the inactive pay status assigned to employees on Roll Code 9 is transmitted on a weekly basis to benefits carriers, their action to suspend or cancel benefits eligibility occurs when no deduction is received for the employee on the monthly SCO deduction file. Campuses must ensure that the impact on benefits status is appropriate when placing an employee in Roll Code 9 status.

  2. The use of Roll Code 9 for a two month period is generally applicable to employees on 10/10 pay plan schedules. This two month general limitation may be extended by the campus under limited circumstances:

    • suspend pay and benefits when an employee has not accrued enough residual pay to cover his/her months off;

    • temporary faculty hired in the Spring semester for 1 year (i.e., Spring to Spring);

    • pending a legal or employee relations determination (to preclude a separation transaction). (In Item 215, enter "LEGAL DECISION" or "ER DECISION");

    • temporarily (one pay period maximum) suspend pay pending verification of payment entitled to separating employees or employees enrolled in the direct deposit program. In Item 215, enter "VERIFY PAY". After pay has been verified and the employee is not separating, process a S46V and then process a 215 transaction and enter in Item 215, "PAY VERIFIED". If the employee is separating, process a S46V and then process the separation and in Item 215 enter "PAY VERIFIED".

  1. When a S46V is processed for an employee who paid benefit premiums (employee share and state share amount) directly to a carrier while in non-pay status, he/she may have duplicate premium payment issues. The employee must contact the carrier directly to request a refund of the overpayment amount.

Audit Instructions

  1. Time entered in Item 606 is calculated from the beginning of a pay period to the beginning of business of the effective date, minus dock (if any).

  2. The effective date is beginning of business (BOB). For example, last date on pay status is 06-30-97, effective date of S46 is 07-01-97.

  3. The position number may not be changed while the employee is on Roll Code 9.

  4. Process an A68 transaction to return the employee from Roll Code 9.

  5. When an employee on Roll Code 9 goes on a leave without pay (LWOP), he/she must be reinstated (A68 transaction) from Roll Code 9 before the LWOP is processed.

Audit Messages




Last Updated: February 6, 2008