Item 105 - Social Security Number

This is the unique 9-digit number assigned by the Social Security Administration (SSA), or the interim number assigned by the SCO pending assignment of official number by the SSA.  


The social security number (SSN) is the sole employee identifier for tax reporting, retirement and benefits purposes, and is the official identifier and locator on the PIMS database.








More Info:

  1. Form I-9 establishes the United States Social Security Number Card as one of the documents that establishes employment eligibility. If an employee does not volunteer the card, the campus cannot require individuals to present their social security card because employees can choose other documents for this purpose.

  2. To correct any errors in the SSN (including employees on the PIMS database with two SSN’s), refer to Transaction 105.

  3. SSN’s beginning with "9" are not valid (e.g., 912345678). SSN’s with zeros in the fourth and fifth digits are also not valid (e.g., 123​004567).

  4. Effective June 2011, the SSA started issuing SSN's beginning with "8" (e.g., 812345678).

  5. The campus may not assign a student identification number or any other number to an employee who does not have a social security number, nor may an employee use a number that has been knowingly assigned by the SSA to another person. When an interim number is needed, submit the PIMS transaction, EAR, or SPAR, to CSU Audits for processing, along with a copy of the letter from Social Security Administration that is given when the employee applies for a social security number. Note: Interim numbers begin with the numbers 00003 and end with numbers in th​e 8000 series (e.g., 000038001). Additional information.



Last Updated: December 14, 2011