Item 210 - Gray Periods

A "Gray Period" is the part of a regular state pay period (21 or 22 days) that falls between the end of one semester/quarter in a school year where there is no established academic pay period.


Fall semester ends: Jan. 6th (January AY pp)

Spring semester begins: Jan. 22nd (February AY pp)

State pay period: Jan. 1 through Jan. 30

Gray Period: Jan. 7 through Jan. 21

Example 2

Academic Year ends: May 27 (May AY pp)

State Pay Period ends: May 31

Gray Period: May 28, 29, 30, 31

Example 3

Academic Year ends: June 15 (June AY pp)

State pay period ends: June 30 (June AY pp)

Gray Period: June 16 through June 30



Last Updated: March 1, 2002