Transaction S99 - Canceled Appointment Action

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Permanent separation used to cancel an appointment when it is the ONLY record on a position sequence and 1) the employee did not report for work, or 2) the class assignment was canceled and no pay is involved, or 3) the employee was erroneously appointed to an additional position.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Code



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



606 - Time to be Paid (New Position)



704B - Management Data Element No. 2



General Information

  1. A copy of the S99 transaction should be filed by the campus to be used if the employee receives an appointment at a later date.

  2. If an employee has prior history and the current A52 is to be cancelled, or is not valid, do not process the S99 transaction.  Refer to Transaction A52 -Current and Transaction A52 - Prior.  Also refer to Correcting/Voiding Transactions for instructions on voiding transactions.

  3. Transaction S99 is NOT appropriate and should not be used for the following conditions:

  • If you wish to delete an additional position and add the same position number (Items 120 through 123) to an existing roster, you must route all documents to CSU Audits for special processing. (Processing the S99 in this instance would create duplicate positions on the database.)

  • If the effective date of the appointment is incorrect, void and re-enter the appointment transaction.

  • If the employee's social security number was entered incorrectly, process a Transaction 105.

  • If a special pay appointment is cancelled, refer to A54 Temporary Appointment, Prior Employee.

  • Hourly employees who never worked.  Refer to Transaction S31 and Item 640 for additional information.

Audit Instructions

  1. Transaction S99 must be effective the same date and hours as the appointment being cancelled. If hours was blank on the appointment, enter ’BOB’ on the S99. In Item 215, enter "APPT CANCELED" or "ERRONEOUS POS";  in Item 606, enter "NON".

  2. If separating a temporary faculty unit employee with a three-year appointment pursuant to Provision 12 of the collective bargaining agreement, delete the information in Item 704B by entering ’*’ EOF. For more information, refer to Technical Letter HR/EHDB 2004-01.

Audit Messages




Last Updated: October 17, 2006