A54 - Temporary Appointment, Special Payment

This transaction is to appoint an employee to a ’special pay category’. Compensation for the assignment may be made at intervals during the assignment duration provided that compensation is not paid in advance of work performed, or on a one-time basis in full, upon completion of the assignment. May only be used for specific class codes as authorized by the Chancellor's Office. For example:


  • 2322 - Instructional Faculty, Special Programs For Credit

  • 2323 - Instructional Faculty, Extension For Credit

  • 2356 - Substitute Instructional Faculty

  • 2357 - Instructional Faculty, Summer Session, Extension

  • 2362 - Demonstration Instructional Faculty  

  • 2363 - Instructional Faculty, Extension Non-Credit

  • 2365 - Instructional Faculty, Music Studio

  • 2402 - Instructional Faculty, Summer Arts Program

  • 2453 - Substitute Teaching Associate

  • 2457 - Instructional Faculty, Summer Session, State Support

  • 2974 - Trustee, California State University

  • 4660 - Special Consultant

  • 8379 - Special Consultant - NE




New Employee

Used to appoint an employee that is new to the campus or new to the PIMS database.


Additional Position

Used to appoint an employee who presently holds an appointment at the campus and is being appointed to an additional position.


Prior Employee

Used to appoint a separated employee who previously held a position at the campus and who has a record on the PIMS database.





Last Updated: September 1, 2018