Transaction S63 - Difference-In-Pay Leave One Academic Year

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Used to place an eligible Unit 3 employee on a difference in pay leave for one academic year. The employee will receive salary equal to the difference between full pay and that of a designated benchmark class.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



645 - Payroll Return Date



711 - Work Location



716 - Sabbatical Leave Eligibility Date



General Information

  1. For information on Sabbatical and Difference-In-Pay leaves, refer to the Payroll Processing Guidelines on the Systemwide Human Resources website.  

  2. Designated benchmark classes for computing salary are:

Benchmark Category

Class - Rng

CMA Instructional Faculty, Cruise - AY

0356 - 2

CMA Vocational Instructor, Cruise - AY

0362 - 1

CMA Vocational Instructor Non-Cruise - AY

0363 - 1

Instructional Faculty - AY

2360 - 2

Student Services Professional, Academic Related I - AY

3071 - 0

  1. Salary rates are computer generated using the minimum rate for the benchmark class and range.

  2. The employee must occupy one full time position during the period of leave.

Audit Instructions

1.   Employee must occupy an eligible academic year class.  Refer to the Benchmark Table for a list of classes.   

2.   When eligible Lecturers are granted a difference in pay leave, the length of appointment on the PIMS data base at the time of leave must be sufficient in length to cover the period of the leave and the return service obligation. For example:

  • One semester leave = an appointment length of one year.

  • One quarter leave = an appointment length of two quarters.

  • One year leave = an appointment length of two years.

3.   When processing a campus authorized difference in pay leave extension, appropriate transaction code (S61, S62 or S63); enter the new payroll return date in Item 645; enter ’Article 28.2/MOU’ in Item 215.

4.   An employee must be reinstated before being placed on any other type of leave.

Audit Messages




Last Updated: March 6, 2006