Transaction S58 - Sabbatical Leave One Academic Year, One-Half Pay

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Used to place an eligible Unit 3 employee on a Sabbatical Leave for one academic year at half-pay. Sabbatical Leave at quarter campuses is three quarters; leave for 10 and 12 month Librarians and 12 month faculty classes is nine months. A Sabbatical Leave at semester campuses is two semesters; leave for 10 and 12 month Librarians and 12 month faculty classes  is eight months.  

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



645 - Payroll Return Date



711 - Work Location



716 - Sabbatical Leave Eligibility Date



General Information

  1. For information on Sabbatical and Difference-In-Pay leaves, refer to the Payroll Processing Guidelines on the Systemwide​​ Human Resources website.

  2. Salary rates are computer generated.

  3. An employee must occupy one full time position during the period of leave.

Audit Instructions

  1. The employee must occupy one of the following classes:


Class Codes


Academic Year

0356, 0357, 0358, 0359, 0360, 0361, 0362, 0363, 0364, 0365, 2358, 2360, 2387, 2399, 2462

Class code 2399 supplements class code 2360 for use only when the campus has exceeded the maximum allowable position serial numbers for class code 2360.

10 Month

2913, 2919, 2926


12 Month

2914, 2920, 2927, 2361, 2388, 2359

Student Service

3070, 3071, 3072, 3073, 3074, 3075


  1. Refer to the Sabbatical Leave section of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for additional information, including permissible length of leaves for Librarians.

  2. Refer to Payroll Processing Guidelines for Sabbatical Leave Forfeiture procedures.

  3. When eligible Lecturers are granted a paid leave for sabbatical, the length of appointment on the PIMS database at the time of leave must be sufficient in length to cover the period of the leave and the return service obligation. For example:

    • One semester leave = an appointment length of one year

    • One quarter leave = an appointment length of two quarters

    • One year leave = an appointment length of two years.

  1. A sabbatical of two semesters or three quarters may be implemented within a two consecutive academic year period (e.g., Spring and Fall semester; Spring, Fall and Winter quarters or Winter, Spring and Fall quarters). Refer to Article 27.12 of the agreement.

  2. An employee must be reinstated before being placed on any other type of leave.

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Last Updated: July 7, 2021