Transaction 215 - Employment History Remarks

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Used by the campus (1) to correct an employee's date of employment, (2) to post notice of overpayment to a separated employee's record, (3) to delete FERP code 7757, (4) to input campus information on an active employee's employment history record, as needed, (5) to identify plus salary/red circle rate, (6) to document employee exemptions from the furlough program during the August and September 2009 conversion.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date & Hours



215 - Employment History Remarks



719 - Detail Transaction Code



825 - Noncitizen Status Code


For corrections only

921 - Employment Date (Line G Item)


For corrections only

962 - HR Letter Authorization  (Line G Item)


To delete FERP Code only

General Information

  1. Refer to Special Instructions for posting overpayments to a separated record.

  2. Refer to Transactions Overview for concurring signatures.

  3. Refer to Transaction A56 for termination of the FERP.

  4. Refer to Item 719 for audit instructions regarding employees with a Red Circle Rate.

Audit Instructions

  1. When processing a Transaction 215 for an academic year (AY) employee, the effective date (Item 210) must be the beginning of an academic pay period.  Otherwise, for non academic year employees, the effective date must be the beginning of a State pay period.

  2. To correct keying errors on Item 825, process a Transaction 215 and enter 'COR KEY ERROR' in Employment History Remarks (Item 215).  Do not use the Transaction 825.  Do not post a 215 on an employee who is on a leave without pay (except S43) or separated unless otherwise directed under other transactions (ie. red circle rates/overpayments/FERPS, etc.).

Audit Messages




Last Updated: September 10, 2009