Transaction 712 - Degree/Education Information

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Used to update an employee's highest educational information.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Code



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



712 - Degree Information (Institution)



712 - Degree Information (Level)



712 - Degree Information (Year)



719 - Detail Transaction Code



General Information

  1. This is a three-part element. Updates may be made in one, two or all three parts of the element.

  2. The Federal Interagency Committee of Education identifies institutions of higher education by code. These codes are referred to as FICE codes, which are published in the Education Directory.

Audit Instructions

  1. ’Year’ and ’Institution’ codes are required only when the code entered in ’Level’ is equal to A, B, M, P, or D.

  2. For academic employees, the effective date must be the beginning of an academic pay period.

  3. Do not enter '0' in the 'Institution' or 'Year' fields when 'Level' is the only required entry. Refer to Personnel Letter 99-001 for additional information.  

  4. Do not post a 712 Transaction if the employee is on a leave without pay or separated. If there is a change, change the item when the employee is reinstated or reappointed.

Audit Messages




Last Updated: June 1, 2005