Transaction S45 - Parental/Family Care and Medical Leave

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Used to place an eligible employee on an authorized leave of absence without pay for pregnancy, childbirth, child and family care. (Refer to Education Code 89519 and/or appropriate collective bargaining agreement.)  Questions concerning eligibility and/or benefits should be directed to the campus Personnel Officer or the Chancellors Office of Human Resources. 

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date



210 - Effective Hours



215 - Employment History Remarks



715 - Service Pay Period



606 - Time to be Paid (New Position)



615 - Pay Immediately



640 - Last Day Physically Worked



645 - Payroll Return Date



719 - Detail Transaction Code



810 - Settlement Pay (Line G Item)



999 - Code Deductions from Separation Pay (Line G Item)



General Information

  1. Unless reappointed, leave for eligible temporary appointees terminates upon expiration of the temporary appointment.

  2. The maximum length of leave varies based upon the type of leave chosen under this transaction code. Refer to respective bargaining agreement or coded memo for detailed information on the Systemwide HR web site.

  3. Paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave runs concurrently with FML, which is unpaid if leave credits have been exhausted. Maternity/ paternity/ adoption leave is not charged against an employee’s leave credits. As such, employees may require reinstatement from FML to be paid. Refer to the respective agreement and/or coded memos for additional information on the Systemwide HR web site.

  4. For pregnancy disability leave, refer to Government Code Section 12945(b) and/or respective bargaining agreement.

  5. To distinguish between the S45 leave types, enter in Item 215 as appropriate: ’FML’, ’MATERNITY’ or ’PARENTAL LV’.

Audit Instructions

  1. The effective date is the close of business on the calendar day (or part of day) preceding the effective date of the leave of absence.

  2. The position number is not usually changed while the employee is on a leave without pay. However, the agency, reporting unit and serial number may be changed, based upon campus need. The class code cannot be changed unless:

    1. prompted by reorganization changes where the class code is no longer appropriate, or

    2. the employee was officially notified of actions in progress (e.g. promotion, demotion) prior to the effective date of the LWOP. If a change is needed, process an Transaction A58 to return the employee from leave, then process a Transaction 120 to change the position number, followed by a Transaction S45 (BOB) with the same effective date as the Transaction 120.

  3. An employee must be reinstated before being placed on any other type of leave.

  4. If an employee separates while on an S45 leave, process the appropriate separation transaction. A reinstatement is not required unless the separation is a S70/S71, then the employee must be reinstated before the separation. However, if the employee is entitled to lump sum vacation or extra hours and was on an Transaction S45 leave before the effective date of a General Salary Increase, the employee must be reinstated. Process an Transaction A58 (COB) effective the same date as the separation date and in Item 215 enter ’L/S INCREASE ONLY’, followed by the appropriate separation transaction.

  5. If processing a leave of absence effective mid-month for a faculty employee (AY), 8/12, 10/12, or 11/12 employee:

    • Before Master Payroll cut-off, enter the number of days to be paid in Item 606, include the total amount due in Settlement Pay (Item 810) and complete (’X’) Immediate Pay (Item 615).

    • After Master Payroll cut-off, enter the number of days in Time To Be Paid (Item 606) and the total amount due in Settlement Pay (Item 810). Submit the PPT with the Form 674 to CSU Audits to request a transfer of funds from regular pay to Settlement Pay.

  6. If the transaction is to be voided and re-entered, and Settlement Pay (Item 810) was completed, refer to Item 810 before keying.

Furlough Instructions Effective 7/31/2009 Through:

  • 6/30/2010 - Non-AY and Non-Cruise CMA

  • July 2010 Pay Period - AY-Cruise CMA

  • September 2010 Pay Period* - AY - Non CMA, Non-Cruise


  1. When coding an Item 606 refer to Personnel Letter 09-021.


*Date determined per respective campus AY calendar

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