Transaction A98 - Student Assistant

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This transaction is used to appoint a new student assistant employee to class 1870, 1871, 1872, 1880 or 1881.  For additional information, refer to: Student Payroll Action Request.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



105 - Social Security Number



110 - Employee Last Name



111 - Employee First Name & Middle Initial



120 - Agency



121 - Unit



122 - Class



123 - Serial



140 - Birth Date



445 - Ethnic Origin



440 - Sex



205 - Transaction Code




General Information

  1. Only one Transaction A98 is allowed on the PIMS database per student assistant, even if they are employed in multiple positions and/or at multiple campuses.  

  2. If a student assistant record already exits on the PIMS database, the A98 will convert to an EAR transaction (e.g., E03) and post on the EAR history. If no changes are needed to the EAR data, the A98 will reject.

  3. The A98 is a non-rostered appointment on the PIMS database. Payroll is not programmed to withhold deductions from appointments that are classified as non-rostered, and as such, no miscellaneous deductions can be withheld from students paid under these classifications.

  4. This transaction was also used to appoint Youth Summer Aid (class code 0100) prior to 04/01/2005.  For more information, refer to HR 2005-14.

Audit Instructions

  1. If the student's verified age per Item 140 - Birth Date is less than 14 or greater than 85, the SPAR must be sent to CSU Audits for processing.  Note the audit message #140-01 on the submitted transaction.

  2. To correct Item 105 - Social Security Number, submit the SPAR to CSU Audits for processing.  Refer to the Transaction 105 for coding instructions.

  3. To preclude generating messages in Payroll, do not post any other appointment transaction (e.g., A50, A52 or A54) on top of the Transaction A98.

Audit Messages




Last Updated: April 1, 2005