Item 715 - Service Pay Period

This code indicates that a pay period of service does/does not qualify for accrual of credit toward merit salary adjustment/service-based salary increase, vacation and/or sick leave hours, and state service. An entry is required whenever the effective date of an appointment, leave of absence or separation creates a non-qualifying pay period, or when the employee is docked or otherwise placed in non-pay status during one or more pay periods.



Q MM/YY  or   N MM/YY


If a pay period is qualifying:  Q 07/05

If a pay period is non-qualifying:  N 07/05



More Info:

Refer to appropriate section of respective collective bargaining agreement for represented employees, and to Title 5, Section 42700(aa) for non-represented employees. Refer to Miscellaneous Change, Transaction 715, for additional information.



Last Updated: June 1, 2005