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The Student Payroll Action Request (SPAR) is a multi-purpose document designed to collect several types of employee data as required by CSU policy and State/Federal reporting regulations. It is used to establish a database record (Transaction A98), and to initiate changes to that record, for students appointed to class codes 1870, 1871, and 1872.  (For information on other student classifications, refer to Student Employment.) The SPAR is used to document all of the actions below:






New Student Assistant



Tax Withholding Allowance






Social Security Number



Birth Date


Ethnic Code


General Information

  1. Students employed in student work study classifications 1871 and 1872 must meet the eligibility requirements of the Work-Study Program as determined by the campus’ Financial Aid Office.

  2. Federal statute prohibits the garnishment of Federal work-study compensation except in the limited case where the student owes the Secretary of Education for a federal student loan and is not making the required payments under a repayment agreement. Contact your respective campus counsel if a garnishment is received for students employed in work study classifications 1871 or 1872.

  3. The SPAR is keyed and retained at the campus except for the conditions indicated per the processing instructions below. The first copy of the SPAR is retained in the campus Personnel/Payroll office. The second copy may be forwarded to the campus work-study, financial aid, or other appropriate student office. The third copy is for the employee. Campuses should process SPAR documents on an "as received" basis.

  4. The student assistant must complete a SPAR document whenever changes or corrections are made to name, address, social security number, tax withholding, birth date, designee information, or when the employee subscribes to the Oath of Allegiance upon citizenship.  Instructions for completing the SPAR are contained on the back of the document.

  5. The Student Assistant Attendance Report (CD048) is the positive attendance document used to report the number of hours a student has worked during the pay period and the hourly rate of pay.  Refer to the SCO Payroll Procedures Manual, Section F100, for completion instructions.  

    • A record (Transaction A98) must exist on the PIMS database for a student assistant to be eligible for payment from the CD048.

    • The CD048 shall not be processed before the end of the established pay period.

    • The number of hours reported shall not be projected.  Continual corrections to hours previously reported indicate a need for internal review of campus reporting processes.

    • Student pay can also be requested via the STD Form 671 under certain circumstances. Refer to the SCO Payroll Procedures Manual, Section F107.

  6. When a student assistant terminates employment, there is no 'separation' action required by the campus except to line the employee's name off the preprinted CD048 (if it appears) and no hours are to be reported for pay.

  7. Always complete position number (regardless of the type of changes being made) when the SPAR is sent to SCO for processing.

  8. Form 677 must be used for nondisclosure of home address.

  9. When the social security number needs to be corrected, refer to Transaction 105.

Processing Instructions



A. New student assistant

  1. Employee completes SPAR.

  2. Payroll reviews SPAR for accuracy, witnesses the oath and assigns the position number.

  3. Payroll keys the Transaction A98 on key master. This sets up the student assistant record.

B.  Multiple student assistant positions - same campus

  1. If the student works in different positions, enter the information on the CD048, not on the PIMS database. Do not process another Transaction A98 - only one student position is allowed on the PIMS database.

  2. Process a SPAR only if the employee has not worked in the last 12 months, or the employee name, address or tax allowances is changing.

C. Multiple student assistant positions - different campus

  1. The employee completes a SPAR at each campus.

  2. Submit the SPAR to SCO for processing only if address, name or tax allowances has changed.

  3. Due to student assistant positions at a different campus, the new campus cannot key E03, E04, or E05 Transactions. Do not process an A98 Transaction. If unknown what is changing, you can call your CSU Audits representative to verify EAR information.

  4. If nothing is changing and employee has worked within the last 12 months, retain the SPAR for campus information only.

D. Student assistant appointed to any regular position - same or different campus

  1. Payroll completes a PIMS transaction and the employee completes an EAR document.

  2. Treat as an additional position.

  3. The EAR document will update SPAR data.

  4. Subsequent changes to personal and tax allowances should be processed on the EAR.

  5. The EAR document is not needed if either no changes to EAR info or employee has worked within one year as a student assistant.

E. Regular employee appointed to student assistant position - same campus

  1. Employee completes the SPAR.

  2. Process the SPAR only if address, name, or tax allowances is changing; or if the employee has not worked in the last 12 months.

  3. If no changes are needed, retain the SPAR for campus information only.

  4. If the employee is still active in the regular position and changes are needed, process an EAR, not a SPAR.

F. Regular employee appointed to student assistant position - different campus

  1. Employee completes the SPAR.

  2. Submit the SPAR to SCO for processing (e.g., Transaction E03 ) after verification that address, name, or tax allowances is changing; or if the employee has not worked at a different campus within the last 12 months.

  3. If the employee is still active at another campus, the employee should change information via an EAR at that campus.

  4. If no changes are needed, retain the SPAR for campus information only.



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Last Updated: October 17, 2006