Item 888 - Sick Leave At Retirement

(PPT Line G Item)

This item is used to report and certify an employee's unused sick leave credits at time of service or disability retirement. The number of hours is reported in hours only.



XXXX = Number of hours unused sick leave, 4 digits, with leading 0, if applicable.  If sick leave balance is zero, enter 0000.


Employee has 245 unused sick hours at the time of retirement.  Enter: 888/0245




If an employee is retiring from more than one position, enter all accumulated sick leave hours on the primary position. On the second position, enter 888/0000.

More Info:

Lump Sum Sick Leave is not available to CSU employees upon service or disability retirement. Unused sick leave balances may be used to extend service credit only, as appropriate.



Last Updated: October 1, 1997