Item 864 - Legal Reference For Rehired Annuitant

(PPT Line G Item)

This item is used by the retirement system and the Chancellor's Office for reporting purposes. It is an alpha/numeric code citing a specific reference in the law under which a retired CalPERS or STRS annuitant may be employed by the CSU without reinstatement from retirement status or loss of retirement benefits. The alpha part of the code signifies the Education Code (EC) or Government Code (GC); the numeric part indicates the section of the code.


Questions concerning reemployment as an annuitant or reinstatement from retirement should be directed to the Director of Benefits, Human Resources, Office of the Chancellor.



On Line G enter: 864 / XXXXXXX (Code Reference, 7 characters)

One of the following code references must be entered:

GC21227 = CalPERS Annuitant, academic employee, fiscal year basis (Formerly GC21155.1)

GC21229 = CalPERS Annuitant, nonacademic or administrative employee, fiscal year basis (Formerly GC21158)

EC23918 = STRS Annuitant, academic-year employee who retired from CSU

GC21228 = CalPERS Annuitant, disabled in one class but working in a different class/member category (Formerly GC21157)

GC21223 = CalPERS Annuitant, All employees for actual or anticipated litigation (Formerly GC 21152)

GC21224 = CalPERS Annuitant, all employees, fiscal year basis (Reference HR 2006-02) (Formerly GC 21153)



Academic-year employee re-employed under the provisions of GC21227, enter: 864 / GC21227




  1. An employee may not be re-employed under GC21228 without written authorization from CalPERS. The primary restriction is that the employee may not be re-appointed to the same job class or retirement member category (miscellaneous/POF Member) held at the time of retirement.

  2. When re-appointing Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) participants, Items 864 and 962 must be entered.

  3. If an employee rescinds retirement status and reinstates, send PPT and a copy of the reinstatement authorization from CalPERS to CSU Audits for processing.

  4. Required on A54 transactions if employee is retired.

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Last Updated: January 23, 2008