CSU Personnel/Payroll Documents

The documents below are used to establish and update an employee's record on the PIMS database.

PIMS Transaction

Transactions are used to establish and/or update a PIMS database record for all employees. Each transaction is identified as a unique 3-character code. Transactions keyed at the campus can be documented on any form or report as long as there is an authorized signature on the form. For more information, refer to the topic: ​Transactions Overview and SCO Personnel Letter #02-006.

Personnel/Payroll Transaction (PPT), STD. 456-A

This document, also known as the 'padded' PPT is used to submit transactions to CSU Audits for processing. When submitting a transaction, note on the padded PPT the reason why it could not be keyed at the campus. Alternately, a simulated padded PPT produced by the Campus Information Retrieval System (CIRS) can also be submitted.  For additional information, refer to SCO Personnel Letter #02-006.

Employee Action Request (EAR​), STD. 686

This document is the State of California equivalent to the W-4 form used in the private sector.  The document is referred to as the EAR and the personal information requested on this form is requested by the Office of the State Controller, ​Personnel/Payroll Services Divisi​on.  The information will be used by the State Controller's Office for personnel, payroll, retirement and health benefits processing.

Separation/Disposition of PERS Contributions

Effective in 2016, permanent separation dates should be reported electronically in PIMS once an employee ends employment. Please reference CalPERS Circular letter #200-028-16 for additional information. 

STD. 687 form is no longer required to be completed by the time of their separation. Refunds upon separation are not available through PIMS, instead, the employee will need to follow the steps to complete the Refund Election Application with CalPERS to be issued a refund of retirement contributions.

Student Payroll Action Request (SPAR​), STD. 457

This document is designed to collect several kinds of student employee data as required by CSU policy and State/Federal reporting regulations. It is used to establish a database record for students appointed to classes 1870, 1871, and 1872 and to initiate changes to the existing database record.