Transaction A61 - Preretirement Reduction In Time Base Program

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Used to move an eligible tenured faculty unit employee into the pre-retirement reduction in time base (PRTB) program.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



123 - Serial



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date



415 - Duration of Appointment



416 - Expiration Date of Appointment



215 - Employment History Remarks



405 - Time Base



606 - Time to be Paid (New Position)



607 - Time to be Paid (Old Position)



711 - Work Location



716 - Sabbatical Leave Eligibility Date



General Information

  1. The employee’s position may not be split for any reason because of the retirement deduction (code 003) that must be withheld.  However, an employee may have additional positions as long as they are not funded by the general fund and time base is not more than 25% (e.g., 001/004 time base).  For additional positions:

    1. Item 215 must be entered as 'ADDL POSITION'.

    2. Item 505 must be 'N' or 'NM' due to the 003 deduction.

  2. The employee’s annual salary shall be paid in twelve equal installments, adjusted for general salary increases.

  3. When an A61 transaction is processed, Item 962 7552 will be computer-generated, carry-forward Line G entry that will remain on the employee’s record through all subsequent transactions.

  4. If the employee (with approval from the campus President) elects to discontinue participation in the program, process a Transaction A60. Complete Detail Transaction Code (Item 719) with ’32’, and delete Items 415/416 and 962. In addition, the Campus Payroll Unit must notify both CalPERS Membership Division and Health Benefits Division that the employee is no longer participating in the program.

  5. If the employee retires under provisions of the program, or is otherwise separated (resignation, death, etc.), Item 962 should be deleted. Refer to Item 999 for further information.

  6. Duration of Appointment (Item 415) and Expiration Date of Appointment (Item 416) cannot exceed 5 years from the Preretirement Reduction in Time Base (PRTB) effective date.

  7. Refer to the collective bargaining agreement for Unit 3, Technical Letter HR/Benefits 2003-11, and other pertinent updates for additional information.

  8. Employees on PRTB may be granted a partial leave without pay.

Audit Instructions

  1. State Controller’s Payroll Services will calculate and deduct the code 003 retirement deduction (adjusted for OASDI if appropriate) each pay period an employee participates in the PRTB program. The selection criteria is the presence of Line G, Item 962 7552 on the employee’s database record.

a.   The A61 transaction must be keyed before the last Friday prior to Master Payroll cut-off for the code 003 deduction to be taken for the current pay period. If keyed later, two code 003 arrears deductions will automatically be established by Payroll Services for the next pay period.

b.   The campus should not submit a F674 document for the Code 003 deduction unless the employee (1) is placed on the program retroactively or (2) has had a noncompensable absence (dock) during a pay period.

  1. Sabbatical Leave Eligibility Date (Item 716) must be 99/99 otherwise audit message 9480-02 will be received. PRTB employees are not eligible for sabbatical leave.

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Last Updated: August 14, 2006