Restoring Records To The Active EHDB

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The EHDB is split into two files: the Active EHDB and the Inactive EHDB. The split occurred in 1991 due to the continuing expansion of the EHDB and to preclude the database from reaching its maximum capacity.


Initially, records were moved to the Inactive EHDB by the SCO, if the employee met specific criteria. However, due to advanced database structures, the SCO no longer moves employees from the active database to the inactive database. The SCO now only restores employees to the Active EHDB if an employee in the Inactive EHDB is being re-appointed to a regular or student position.

General Information

  1. Inactive records can be restored to the Active EHDB by contacting your CSU Audits liaison and providing the SSN and name of the employee.

  2. Inactive records are restored to the Active EHDB each Monday and Wednesday. Requests must be called in before 2:00 pm on those days to be restored that same day. Requests made after that time will be restored on the next scheduled restore day.

  3. Requests made after 2:00 pm will be processed on the next scheduled restore unless:

    • Monday or Wednesday is a holiday, Master Cutoff or Semi-Monthly cutoff

    • Monday or Wednesday is the last workday of the month

  4. During the months of September through October, and January through February, when the volume of requests is typically higher, campuses are permitted to submit a listing of inactive employees to be restored via fax if certain criteria are met. Contact your CSU Audits liaison for further details.

  5. Always verify your decentralized calendar for restore dates.


Personnel Letter 00-006



Last Updated: September 1, 2002