Transaction 405 - Time Base Change

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Used to increase or decrease an employee's time base.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



405 - Time Base



310 - Salary Per



330 - Anniversary Date



430 - Probationary Period (Code)



430 - Probationary Period (Ending Date)



505 - Retirement System Account Code



606 - Time to be Paid (New Position)



607 - Time to be Paid (Old Position)



704A - Management Data Element No. 1



704B - Management Data Element No. 2



718 - Management Data Element No. 3



719 - Detail Transaction Code



958 - Final Salary Anniversary Date (Line G Item)



820 - Assigned Salary Rate (Line G Item)



962 - HR Letter Authorization (Line G Item)



General Information

  1. Transaction 405 should be processed only when an employee's percentage of time actually changes. Do not process a 405 to effect a year-end salary adjustment since this will distort data used by CalPERS, Health Benefits and the Chancellor's Office.

  1. Year-end salary adjustments that are required because of time base changes that occurred in a prior academic term or as a result of other actions such as partial leaves, partial pay sabbaticals, etc., must be keyed on the Payroll Input Process (PIP) during one of the vacation months (June, July, and August), if the employee will not be separated. Do not process a transaction to increase or decrease the employee's time base. (See Payroll Procedures Manual, Section F012.)

  2. If the adjustment will result in an amount greater than the normal master warrant, wait for the master warrant to be issued and key on PIP. The PIP transaction may be keyed before master payroll cut-off if requesting the total gross amount due. (See Payroll Procedures Manual, Section F012.)

  3. If the adjustment will reduce the amount of the normal master warrant, key on PIP before cut-off.

  1. Do not process a Transaction 405 to reduce an employee's time base when the reduction is actually a partial leave of absence. The employee’s status, including benefits, may be subject to entirely different regulations.

  2. Assigned Salary Rate (Item 820) was opened on the coding matrix to allow a one-time use for graduate assistant time base change. For additional information, refer to HR/Salary 2005-10.

Audit Instructions

  1. Time To Be Paid (Items 606/607) are required for academic year employees who change time base in the middle of an academic pay period.

  2. HR Letter Authorization (Item 962), is only to be used for transactions effective prior to 5/15/2007 for:

    1. Grandfathered Lecturers and Coaches. Refer to Technical Letter HR/Benefits 97-07, 94-03 and prior coded memoranda for additional details.

    2. Part-time lecturers and Coaches eligible for benefits per AB 211. Refer to Technical Letter HR/Benefits 2002-09, Supplement #2 for additional information.

  3. When changing the time base of a department chair classification, Assigned Salary Rate (Item 820) must be increased or decreased depending on the time base change (this includes corresponding salary changes to the department chair stipend). This is the only condition (outside of processing an out-of-sequence corrective salary action forward) where salary should change on a Transaction 405.

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