Item 717 - Termination Destination

This data element consists of two components: Type and FICE Code, that describe the planned destination of a resigning employee. This item must be entered for all full-time academic and academic administrative employees who are resigning (Transaction S10).

TYPE - One or two-character code indicating the type of agency or institution where the employee is going to.

FICE CODE - The six-character Federal Interagency Committee of Education (FICE) code that represents the institution of higher learning at which the departing faculty member intends to teach or study. FICE codes for institutions in the U.S. are listed in the Educational Directory. For U.S. institutions that are not listed in the Educational Directory, use code 888888. For foreign institutions, use code 999999.




Enter the most appropriate Type code as listed below. When applicable, the FICE Code must also be entered.

Academic or Academic-Administrative Position (FICE Code must be entered)

1 = A CSU campus (including the same campus)

2 = University of California

3 = California private institution

4 = California junior college

5 = Other U.S. public institution

6 =  Other U.S. private institution

7 = Foreign institution

Other Employment or Activity (No FICE Code required)

8 = Graduate study (regardless of where pursued)

9 = Elementary or secondary education

10 = Industry or private practice

11 = Research or service agency

12 = Government

13 = Other

14 = Unknown



To indicate Junior College with the FICE code, enter: 4 001286



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Last Updated: October 1, 1997