Item 921 - Employment Date

(PPT Line G Item)

This is the original date that an employee was appointed to a rostered position at a particular campus or CSU location.



On PPT Line G, enter: 921 / MMDDYY


921 090174




  1. When processing a void/re-enter to correct the Effective Date (Item 210) of the initial appointment, it is necessary to enter the correct employment date on the new transaction.

  2. To change the Employment Date, process a Transaction 215, enter Item 921 and the correct date on Line G. Enter 'CORR EMP DATE' in Item 215.


More Info:

  1. Employment Date is computer-generated from the Effective Date (Item 210) on the employee’s initial appointment at the campus (excluding A98 and A54 appointments).  The system applies the newest appointment date if an employee is reappointed to the same campus after a break in service of 5 or more years.

  2. When an employee's first position with the CSU is a Student Assistant (Transaction A98) or Special Pay Appointment (Transaction A54), the blank value for employment date will be carried forward to subsequently appointments via the A50 or A52 transaction.

  3. Generally, the only time Employment Date should be changed is to override the blank employment date values with the initial effective date of the rostered appointment.  




Last Updated: October 17, 2006