Transaction 715 - Service Pay Period

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This transaction is used to document a non-qualifying pay period when the employee has been docked or otherwise placed on non-pay status during one or more pay periods.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date & Hours



215 - Employment History Remarks



330 - Anniversary Date



715 - Service Pay Period



430 - Probationary Period (Code)



430 - Probationary Period (Ending Date)



704B - Management Data Element No. 2



719 - Detail Transaction Code



957 - Eligibility Substantiation (Line G Item)



958 - Final Salary Anniversary Date (Line G Item)



General Information

  1. Transaction 715 is used to document a non-qualifying pay period when the employee has been on dock status for more than half a pay period. Refer to appropriate bargaining agreement for effect on SSI, sick leave, state service, vacation accrual, seniority and holidays for represented employees.

  2. Transaction 715 should be processed at the same time the campus processes a notice of dock.

  3. An informal leave (dock) may be granted to an employee for a period not to exceed 15 consecutive workdays. Unless superseded by the respective collective bargaining agreement or other applicable policy, the beginning and ending dates of dock may not be ’broken’ by vacation, sick leave, or CTO. If the length of an informal leave results in a non-qualifying pay period, a Transaction 715 must be processed. Docks of 11 or more days that span two state pay periods disqualify one of the pay periods.

Audit Instructions

  1. For academic employees, the effective date must be the beginning of an academic pay period.

  2. A non-qualifying pay period may have occurred if an employee was off pay status pending a NDI disability claim (Transaction 565, Code 7), and subsequently returned to work before the NDI claim was approved. Process a Transaction 715 to change the Anniversary Date (Item 330) and/or Probationary Period End Date (Item 430).

  3. For employees who are supplementing NDI with catastrophic leave credits (Item 957 = 40) and who have a non-qualifying pay period:

    1. Process a Transaction 715 to change the Anniversary Date (Item 330) and enter code '40' for the Eligibility Substantiation (Item 957).

    2. Probationary codes will not be changed until the employee returns to work (Transaction A57).

    3. If a SSI should be denied, process a Transaction 330 effective the first of the pay period of the Anniversary Date (Item 330). Re-enter the Eligibility Substantiation (Item 957) as code '40' on the Transaction 330.

  4. When keying a Transaction 715, the Service Pay Period (Item 715) must be keyed with a Q or N before the date, otherwise the PIMS database will reflect the date only.

  5. Do not post a Transaction 715 to a leave without pay or separated record. The Service Pay Period (Item 715) should be coded on the leave without pay or the separation transaction, or the reinstatement or reappointment transaction.  

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Last Updated: June 1, 2005