Item 111 - Employee First Name & Middle Initial

This is the employee's legal first name and middle initial, if any. The name on the Social Security card should agree with the name supplied on the PIMS transaction and EAR.



Up to 16 characters including spaces and punctuation.






  1. If the employee has only one name, press space bar once in the first position of thisfield and enter the employee name in Item 110 - Employee Last Name.
  2. Leave one space between the first name and the middle initial.

  3. Leave one blank space between multiple names or multiple initials.

  4. Do not use any punctuation except a hyphen (-) between hyphenated first names.

  5. Do not enter suffixes or titles in the FIRST NAME field.


More Info:

  1. The employee may choose to use First Initial and Middle Name.

  2. Name changes are processed on the EAR document. The employee must provide a copy of form OAAN-7003 or other receipt issued by Social Security Administration. A copy of the form/receipt must be attached to the EAR document. Such employees should be encouraged to review the Designee for State Payroll Warrants (F243) and CalPERS beneficiaries.

  3. ​ Corrections due to clerical error (misspellings, transpositions, etc.) are processed on the EAR; enter "AGENCY ERROR" in Item L.  No OAAN-7003/receipt is required.​



Last Updated: March 24, 2011