Transaction MSA - Service Salary Increase

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Used to grant an employee a Service Salary Increase (SSI).  Use this transaction for those employees who qualify, but 1) have no established anniversary date, 2) were by-passed in a previous month, or 3) final determination must be made by the campus, pursuant to collective bargaining agreement, and current SSI processing instructions.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Code



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



311 - Salary Step



330 - Anniversary Date



704B - Management Data Element No. 2



719 - Detail Transaction Code



815 - Red Circle / Plus Salary Rate (Line G Item)



820 - Assigned Salary Rate (Line G Item)



957 - Eligibility Substantiation (Line G Item)



958 - Final Salary Anniversary Date (Line G Item)



General Information

  1. Refer to the respective collective bargaining agreement concerning qualifying service criteria for SSI's. Generally if the duration of appointment is greater than 12 consecutive months, a salary anniversary date is permissible for a temporary appointee, based upon campus practice. Salary anniversary dates cannot extend beyond the expiration date of the temporary appointment.

  2. Employees eligible for a 6-month special in-grade salary increase (SISI) may receive an SISI effective on the first of the monthly pay period, following completion of 6 months of qualifying service after appointment or movement to the minimum of the salary rate of the new class code. Hourly employee may be credited a qualifying pay period for every 160 hours worked within the same pay period.

  3. When an employee has failed to meet the standard for performance required for the position, process a Transaction 330 to document the denial of the SSI.

  4. MSAV (void) is used only when an out-of-sequence action has occurred and the effective date of that action is earlier than a posted MSA transaction. In most cases, the posted MSA transaction must be voided and the Salary Step or Assigned Salary Rate and Anniversary Date are adjusted as part of the out-of-sequence transaction.

Audit Instructions

  1. For apprentice classes, refer to CSU Salary Schedule, R06 section for class codes and the six-month increase section. Refer to transaction SCR for processing increases for apprentices.

  2. When processing a MSA transaction, assign a new anniversary date one year from the effective date of SSI.

  3. When correcting the Anniversary Date retroactively and the Month/Year has already passed, process a MSA transaction.

  4. If an employee is on NDI subsidy (S49 Item 957=40), Item 957 must be entered.

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Last Updated: November 17, 2008