Transaction S64 - Special Leave Faculty Research/Creative Activity, 1 Quarter or 1 Semester

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Used to place an eligible Unit 3 employee on a formally approved leave of absence with pay for faculty research and/or creative activity for one quarter or one semester.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Code



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



645 - Payroll Return Date



711 - Work Location




General Information

  1. For information on Sabbatical and Difference-In-Pay leaves, refer to the Payroll Processing Guidelines on the Systemwide Human Resources website.

  2. An employee's position may not be split for funding during the period of leave.

  3. The effective date of the beginning of the leave must commence with the beginning of the academic term. For academic year employees, this date is the first academic workday of the term. For ten or twelve month employees, the date is the beginning of the fiscal pay period.

  4. The effective dates, for payroll reporting purposes, cannot fall during the middle of a pay period. For ten and twelve month employees, months spent on leave must closely parallel the academic calendar.

  5. The effective date of the employee's return to work following the completion of the leave must be the first appropriate date following the close of the academic term or fiscal pay period.

  6. The Special Leave is a fully paid leave. Therefore, in all but the most unusual instances, there is no need for a year-end adjustment.

  7. When eligible Lecturers or temporary employees are granted a paid leave for research or creative activity, the length of appointment on the PIMS data base at the time of leave must be sufficient in length to cover the period of the leave and the return service obligation. For example:

    • One semester leave = an appointment length of one year

    • One quarter leave = an appointment length of two quarters

    • One year leave = an appointment length of two years.

  8. Refer to Systemwide Human Resources Employee Policies and Programs for the collection procedures for paid leave forfeiture.

  9. An employee must be reinstated before being placed on any other type of leave.

Audit Instructions

Serial #934 is no longer used, per PIMS Memo dated 09-01-1989, Revision #007.

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