Item 999 - Deductions From Separation Pay


This item is used to alert CSU Audits that a separating employee has one or more deductions (Tax Shelter Annuity, Garnishment, etc.) that should be deducted from a separation payment.


The procedure for taking special deductions from separation pay is campus controlled and must be coordinated with CSU Audits. All PPT documents must be sent to CSU Audits for processing.



On Line G, enter: 999 - See Remarks

In Line H - Remarks, enter: ’EMPLOYEE REQUESTS DC, TSA OR PST DEDUCTIONS FROM LUMP SUM PAY' followed by the deduction code(s), pay period(s), and amount(s).


Employee requests DC, TSA or PST deductions from lump sum pay.
027-200  02/09 $400.00
027-200  03/09 $400.00


Audit Instructions:

The following deductions types and codes may be taken from separation pay:

Deferred Compensation*: 028, 029
Garnishment: 038, 339
Part-time, Seasonal Temporary Retirement:  006, 007
Retirement**:  003
State or Federal Tax Levy: 039, 339
Support:  038
Tax Sheltered Annuity*: 027

* When an employee has changed the deduction amount of the TSA/deferred compensation,or is setting up a new TSA/deferred compensation deduction, and the deduction form has not been sent to the deduction unit, attach the original form to the PPT. If the deduction form has already been sent, attach a copy of the deduction form to the PPT and send to CSU Audits.

** Only if employee is in pre-retirement status (Transaction A61), and the separation is effective in the 10th month following the A61. The separation (Transaction S70) must be effective in the current month and submitted to CSU Audits before cut-off.

More Info:

Refer to SCO Personnel Letter 02-027 for complete processing instructions.



Last Updated: March 18, 2009