Out-Of-Sequence Processing

An out-of-sequence condition is created when a transaction is added to the PIMS database with an effective date that is prior to the effective date of the current status record of a specific position sequence. The transaction may be new, a corrected transaction, or a void. When this occurs, the employee’s record is automatically set out of service with an "S".


To carry forward new, changed or deleted data into subsequent transactions, reconstruct employment history and use the guide below. Note: When preparing a transaction as part of a package, always complete the following data items as well as all other data items appropriate for the transaction.



Complete as follows:


When processing two or more transactions, number all documents sequentially, having the transaction with the earliest effective date as the first document in the package. Example: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3


Enter ’9999’ as the Document Processing Number for all padded transactions in an out-of-sequence package.


Enter the employee’s Social Security Number.


Enter the employee’s Last Name.


Enter the current Position Number of the appropriate position sequence.

Note: If the position number is changing, enter what is being changed under the current position.


Enter the same transaction code as the transaction to be corrected or voided, followed by the suffix ’C’ or ’V’, whichever is appropriate.

Enter the transaction code ’CLF’ as the last transaction code on the last transaction in the package.


Enter the same effective date as the transaction to be corrected or voided.

Lines A - F

Refer to the appropriate Required/Conditional matrix. Complete only those items which need correcting, completing each item in it’s entirety. To delete information that is not valid, enter an asterisk (*) in the item(s).

Note: The system will automatically carry forward non-allowable items that are defined as Carry Forward or Conditional Carry Forward when it is appropriate.

Lines G1/G2

Complete only those items that need correcting. To delete information that is not valid, enter the item number and an asterisk (*). Example: 810*


Enter the Corrected Transaction Identifier using the position number as it appears on the PIMS database record for the transaction you are correcting or voiding.

Line H

Complete the Appointing Power Signature, Date, and the reason for the correction or void.



Last Updated: September 1, 1998