Items 515, 520, 525, 530 - Retirement System Information

These are computer-generated information items. The source of the information in each item is dependent on the code entered by the campus in Retirement System Account Code, Item 505.


Item 515 - Safety Member
Identifies the employee's membership category:

SAF = State Safety Member

POF = Peace Officer/Firefighter Member

MIS = Miscellaneous Member

NO = Non-CalPERS Member


Item 520 - Survivors Benefits
Identifies by YES or NO whether the employee is covered by the 1959, 1961 or 1975 CalPERS-Survivor election, or is a noncitizen who qualifies for CalPERS membership but not for Social Security.


Item 525 - SS/MED Member
Identifies by YES, MED or NO whether the employee is subject to Social Security and Medicare tax or Medicare only or neither.


Item 530 - Retirement Rate
Indicates the percentage rate used in the CalPERS retirement employee contribution calculation. Refer to the SCO Payroll Procedures Manual, Section H214



Last Updated: April 1, 2005