Transaction CRO - Class Reallocation/Reorganization

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This transaction will be used by the campuses to add or remove an employee from a Red Circle/Plus Salary Rate. It will also be a ’Special Use’ transaction restricted to use by the Chancellor’s Office Human Resources Administration and/or the SCO. The CRO may be computer-generated or an input transaction, depending upon the application.


Effective 7/31/2009 through August 2010 Pay Period, the CRO transaction was used to place an employee on the furlough reduction program and remove the employee as appropriate.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



120 - Agency



121 - Unit



122 - Class



123 - Serial



126 - CBID



205 - Transaction Code



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



335 - Alternate Salary Range



311 - Salary Step



330 - Anniversary Date



430 - Probationary Period (Code)



430 - Probationary Period (Ending Date)



560 - Professional License Type / Expiration Date



704B - Management Data Element No. 2



718 - Management Data Element No. 3



719 - Detail Transaction Code



815 - Red Circle/Plus Salary Rate (Line G Item)



820 - Assigned Salary Rate (Line G Item)



876 - Job Code (Line G Item)



957 - Eligibility Substantiation (Line G Item)



958 - Final Salary Anniversary Date (Line G Item)



General Information

’CROC’ is a mandated correction to the original Class Reallocation/ Reorganization action or other action taken.

Audit Instructions

    1. When adding or deleting a Red Circle Rate/Plus Salary Rate, Item 215 must be completed with the appropriate comment ’ADD 815’ or ’DELETE 815’.

    2. Detail Transaction Code (Item 719), is required when adding a Red Circle Rate/Plus Salary Rate (Item 815).

    3. When the maximum salary rate for an M80 class is increased, and the employee has a red circle rate and is not to receive an increase, a CRO must be posted to:

      1. To decrease the red circle rate (Item 815) and increase the assigned salary rate (Item 820). Or,

      2. Collapse the red circle rate into the assigned salary rate and delete Item 815.  May need to change anniversary date from MAX to NONE.

    4. If an employee is on NDI subsidy (S49 Item 957=40), Item 957 must be entered on the CRO.

    5. When adding, deleting or changing salary (time base is not changing) for a Department Chair Stipend:

      1. Item 215 must be completed with the appropriate comment, 'ADD CHAIR STIP', 'DEL CHAIR STIP', 'INCREASE' or 'DECREASE'

      2. Refer to Transaction 405 when time base is changing for Department Chair.

    6. When a CRO transaction is authorized by the Chancellor's Office reference the authorization (e.g. technical letter, e-mail date) in Employment History Remarks.

 Furlough Instructions Effective 7/31/2009 Through:

  • 6/30/2010 - Non-AY and Non-Cruise CMA

  • July 2010 Pay Period - AY-Cruise CMA

  • September 2010 Pay Period* - AY - Non CMA, Non-Cruise


  1. Eligibility Substantiation (Item 957) is required on the CRO when placing an employee on furlough.

  2. If Item 957 is 89, Red Circle/Plus Salary (Item 815) is required.  Otherwise, Item 815 is generated for all other furlough codes.

  3. The CRO transaction may be used to remove an employee from the furlough program per SCO personnel Letter #09-021.

  4. The CRO transaction may not be used to document exemption from furlough during the August and September implementation.  Use the 215 Transaction instead.

  5. When processing a CRO mid month adding or deleting an Item 957 refer to Personnel Letter 09-021.

  6. The CRO was used to remove Item 957 at the conclusion of the 2009/2010 furlough program.


*Date determined per respective campus AY calendar

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