Item 957 - Eligibility Substantiation

(PPT Line G Item)

This item and the subcode indicate that an employee is certified eligible to receive special payment for (1) accumulated sick leave credits for childbirth, or (2) Nonindustrial Disability Insurance benefits, or (3) has elected to supplement IDL (2/3 pay benefits) with sick leave, or (4) Nonindustrial Disability Insurance benefit with subsidy for donated sick leave credits.



On PPT Line G, enter: 957 XX  

Where XX is:

Non-Furlough Codes

13 = Employee has been certified by the Chancellor's Office, Human Resources, as eligible for Enhanced IDL benefits.

19 = Payroll record for an employee on parental leave for maternity is being reinstated for the purpose of paying childbirth sick leave credits.

22 = Employee has been certified by the Employment Development Department as eligible for Non-industrial Disability benefits. (See Codes 40 and 41)

40 = Eligible employee has elected, in writing, to participate in 1) the IDL Sick Leave Supplement or 2) NDI/IDL/TD-Subsidy for Donated Sick Leave program. The presence of this code on an S49 or 565 is the SCO authorization to pay the subsidy. This code remains on the employee’s record whether or not there is enough donated time to cover the entire period of disability.

41 = Employee on NDI/IDL/TD-Subsidy for Donated Sick Leave has returned to work on a full-time basis, or employee on IDL-Sick Leave Supplement program has used all available sick leave credits or has elected, in writing, to discontinue supplementation.

Furlough Codes used 7/31/2009 through August 2010 Pay Period

89 = Manual Override

91 = 10.07% (July catchup)

92 = 9.23%

93 = 10.256% (10/10)






  1. If processing an out-of-sequence transaction to place the employee in either of these programs, you MUST enter/re-enter Item 957 and Code 13, 40 or 41 on all subsequent transactions.

More Info:

  1. Effective 7/31/2009, Item 957 is defined as CARRYFORWARD, which means the data will carry forward from one transaction to the next.

  2. For out-of-sequence processing, correct all subsequent transactions to carry forward Item 957, Code 40, and furlough codes only.

  3. When a CRO or GEN mass update is posted to the record of an employee who is on IDL-SL or NDI Catastrophic Leave status, CSU Audits will take proper action to correct the employee’s record.



Last Updated:  July 12, 2010