PIMS Manual

This online help documentation provides instructions for campuses to establish and update the official employment history on the Personnel/Payroll Information Management System (PIMS) for employees of the California State University.

PIMS is a computerized information file, or database, that contains official personnel, payroll, and retirement information for the majority of employees of The California State University (CSU) and California State civil service. Although the Chancel​lor's Office retains 'ownership' of the CSU portion of the database, the responsibility for maintenance and security is delegated to the State Controller, who is the pay agent for The California State University. The PIMS database resides on computers owned by the State Controller's Office which are housed in Sacramento, at the Gold Camp Campus which is part of the Department of Technology Services.

The information and policies contained in this document are subject to change based upon Collective Bargaining Agreements, which supersede the information published here. For additional information on Systemwide Human Resources policy and procedures, refer to ​the Employee Policies and Programs web page. Policy related questions should be sent to [email protected].