The resources listed below can assist you with the ad hoc reporting capabilities of CIRS, and/or provide background information for the data available for reporting.




CIRS Hotline


One-to-one technical support available from 7:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday.


CIRS User Manual

Reference guide and tutorials for the system’s features and functions.  


CIRS Website

Information about the latest system enhancements, answers to frequently asked questions, sample report requests, and upcoming classes.


CSU, Chancellor's Office



Systemwide HR policies, procedures and programs.  

CSU, PIMS Manual


Supporting documentation and information for employment history data.


Information Builders



Documentation and training for FOCUS reporting language.

Note: An introduction to FOCUS commands is provided in the workbook for Basic CIRS Reporting. ​


SCO, Information Security Office



Assistance with resetting passwords and restoring revoked access.


SCO, Payroll Procedures Manual


Supporting documentation and information for payment history data.


SCO, CLAS Manual

Supporting documentation and information for leave accounting data.


Department Of Technology


Assistance with halting print jobs, installing new equipment, and resolving equipment/line problems.