Name, Last








An employee's last name. Refer to PIMS Manual, Item 110, for additional information.


Coding Values:

Example:  Smith-Jones


Note:  A name such as 'McHenry' is considered a single name with the space excluded between the 'c' and the 'H'. A name such as 'Jones III' is considered a single name with a space included between the 's' and the designation for the 'III'.


Available Files:  

AC    Active Current Status

AN    Annual Current Status

A54   A54 Transaction Data

EH     Employment History Extract

LV     Employee Specific Information (Leave)

LX     Leave Accounting Summary

PH     Payment History Data

PHS   Payment History Summary

PY     Payment History Extract

SP     Separated Current Status

ST     Student Assistant

TR     Transaction Data

UI      Unemployment Insurance Costs





Last Updated:  July 30, 2009